Five reasons to use Neunac

Five reasons to use Neunac

According to the United Nations, every year around 300 million people emigrate from their
countries of origin, and this does not include national immigration.

Immigration is a phenomenon of globalization and is mainly due to economic and social conditions.
It is complicated for each person, and it comes with many individual and common challenges.

With “Neunac,” we are trying to solve and alleviate this process for those involved.

Five reasons to use Neunac:

  • Find the concrete and reliable answers to questions such as accommodation, cost of living,
    legal advice, transportation, cultural differences, and much more.
  • Connect with members of your community who live in the country of future residence or
    other members with immigration plans similar to yours.
  • Learn about events and news from your community in your new home.
  • Share your experiences with your community and learn from the experiences of others.
  • Connect with people who can help you in your job search and with scholarship opportunities.

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